Embarrassing dating stories seventeen

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She was either 'not into dating boys right now,' or 'sorry, I'm busy that evening.' They all eventually gave up trying.

When I finally got up enough moxie to actually ask her, she smiled and said: "I thought you'd never ask; I'd love to go on a date with you." I forgot what I said afterwards, probably something stupid. We had a quick bite to eat at Cherries Café, a small intimate restaurant, and afterwards watched a chick flick at the multiplex.

"C'mon Kate, gimme a hint, anything, I'm dyin' here! "I've had tons of blow jobs," I said, hoping she didn't see the tic under my eye, because I certainly felt it. Kate pulled a pillow off her bed, and dropped it on the floor in front of me and knelt on it. " Before I could react, she tugged my shorts down; my boxers came with them. " "Yeah, but that was when we were younger," I countered. " she asked, pushing my hands aside; she then took my flaccid cock into her mouth. The sight of my little sister's head bobbing up and down, and my cock disappearing into her mouth, was the most erotic sight of my seventeen years.

" "She said that, on the next date, she's gonna blow you." "No she didn't Kate, stop being mean! Look, there's that little tic under your left eye again." "What tic? "No you haven't, you haven't even had one," she said. What was equally as erotic was when she looked up at me, with her pale-blue eyes, and smiled. "Has anyone ever told you that you should never play poker? Back To Story Index OR Comment On This Story I was sitting on a bench next to the pool, in the rear walled-in garden of my house, enjoying the warm, early-summer afternoon, reading a book called 'A Modern Lolita' by Renpet; the latest novel by one of the most prolific and popular writers of erotic fiction.

All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental.

The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.

I will add new ones to the top of the index from time to time, and repost.

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I'd been the subject of a lot of jealous stares from some of my classmates after the rumor mill found out that Meredith had agreed to go on a date with me – for her, an unusual occurrence.

I think she forgets I'm her brother, and looks out just for her own self interest.

I was only asking her to tell me what her best friend Lucy had said about my first date with her sister, Meredith.

This is the repository for my collection of short stories.

Most of them are less than 4,000 or 5,000 words, but the occasional one may run over and a few are very short, less than 2,000 words.

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I found the book a better read than Nabokov's Lolita, probably because it's more up-to-date.