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Dating websites polls

She claimed that she had only dated once before, in which her boyfriend was a British man.

However, conflicting reports claimed that Karena was involved with former Miss Hong Kong, Ellen Wong’s (王愛倫) son, Derek Lim, since last year.

Tabloids speculated that Karena may have ended her relationship with Dennis two months ago, after falling for Raymond.In June, Karena went to Xiamen, China for the first time, to attend the Xiamen Film Festival.Karena even left a teasing message on her blog, “Next time, I will have to go to Raymond Lam’s house because he said that his home offers the best food and is the most comfortable place in Xiamen!Over the last three weeks, Raymond admitted that he met a woman who captured his heart and even said he will reveal the romance should his girlfriend wish to do so.Given his recent dinner and karaoke dates with Karena Ng, Raymond Lam may have very likely found a new girlfriend!

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