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They are the best thing since Dead shows that I have known.I'm 59 this year and plan to go to TAO and EDC again, I loved Phish 8, and will camp at Coachella again this year.

I feel like I am probably older than most people there.

Imo ecstasy is becoming way way too mainstream and it feels like alot of the younger kids are being pressured into doing ecstasy while trying to do whats cool which right now is take ecstasy and go to raves.

I've heard stories of local jr high kids getting their hands on ecstasy and that just boggles my mind, because it has to be coming from older siblings and whoever would give their jr high age lil bro/sis ecstasy should be horsewhipped. late 90's and a little bit into maybe 2002 or so it was pretty good and after that it just shut down.

I came from the "you can't trust anyone over 30" generation, so it is both wonderful and sometimes a bit weird to be at these events with you all, but tolerance is a wonderful thing.

And you seem to be a tolerant bunch for the most part (only heard one person tell me to get the f out because I was too old and he seemed to be a bit burned on crank).

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Went to many outdoor festivals and events (Dead shows and the like).

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